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Bereavement Cafe available at the Chigwell Parish Community Hall

Bereavement Cafe available at the Chigwell Parish Community Hall

When: Every second Friday 1.30 to 3.00pm

If you are experiencing grief and loss and would like to connect with others or to speak with one of our trained team, come along to our drop-in bereavement cafe.


Chigwell Community Cupboard, Tea Room & Social Spaces

Chigwell Community Cupboard, Tea Room & Social Spaces

Grab a hot drink and some store cupboard essentials* from our hub

When: Tuesdays 10am-2pm and

Thursdays 10am-3pm

Where: The Parish Council Community Hall, Hainault Road, Chigwell IG7 6QZ (next to Victory Hall.)

A select pantry model run by the Limes Farm Community Group with the support of Chigwell Parish Council & Chigwell Residents Association. A fee of £5 is paid for essential store cupboard items.  Please Bring Your Own Carrier Bags (if possible)

*This pantry model is to support those who are struggling with the Cost-of-Living crisis, providing low-cost food, toiletries and essentials, including fresh produce.

*A small charge will be applied for any hot drinks and food in the tearoom on Tuesdays.

In addition, the following services will be available:

  • "My Weight Matters" consultations are run by the Essex Wellbeing Service at the hub for free, providing healthy weight loss programs and progressive education.
  • "Affordable counselling" consultations are run by ACEF offering non-judgmental, confidential and individual private one-to-one sessions with a cost of £5.


CRA committee members join Milad celebration

CRA committee members were pleased to celebrate Milad – the birth of Prophet Mohammed – on 30 September with the Chigwell Muslim Community.

We appreciated the generous hospitality and learning about the significance of the festival, and in her speech CRA chairperson Christine Fuchs emphasised that CRA represents all Chigwell communities. Above all we enjoyed meeting Chigwell’s Muslim residents and having the opportunity to foster community relations

CRA celebrating Iftar and Eid with the Chigwell Muslim Community

Representatives of Chigwell Residents Association (CRA), were invited by the Chigwell Muslim Community to the Iftar gathering (breaking the fast during Ramadan) in the Victory Hall on Saturday 15 April.  It was an enjoyable evening that brought the communities of Chigwell together.  We were happy to be then invited for the Eid celebrations on 21 April, fostering community relations and charity work. CRA secretary Debby Rye and Chairperson of the Parish Council, Celina Jefcoate, addressed the congregation highlighting the different ways Chigwell communities can become involved with local activities, for example by joining the Neighbourhood Watch scheme or Chigwell Residents Association, or enjoying communal tea time in the Community Hall or the nature trails in our area. CRA Chairperson Christine Fuchs then presented the awards to the volunteers of the Chigwell Muslim Community, who had helped organise the Ramadan and Eid events.

CRA at Chigwell May Fair

CRA at Chigwell May Fair
On 14 May Chigwell celebrated its May Fair and the CRA was part of it. We, the members of the CRA committee, enjoyed the sunny, summery, sociable get-together, meeting so many residents and welcoming new members to our Association. 

We are looking forward to next year's fair already!

Neighbourhood Watch

Chigwell has an effective, strong Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) and we will always welcome new members.

These are the Lead Coordinators for Chigwell neighbourhoods:

  1. Grange Hill: Debby Rye and Lisa Morgan-Skingsley,
  2. Chigwell Row: Alan Lion
  3. Chigwell Village: to be elected

To join the official NHW, please contact our district office on: 07778 296650 - Office Hours Only

Or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In an emergency please call Essex Police by dialling:  999
For non-emergency enquiries, dial:  101

Chigwell is a beautiful place to live and we have many benefits in terms of location. Crime is relatively low compared with the crime rates in other parts of London and Essex: In its newsletter of November 2022 ( Chigwell Parish Council states that from October 2021 to September 2022 there were only 35 break-ins and attempted break-ins in all of Chigwell.  Whilst this is devastating for the victims, the overall risk of such crime in Chigwell remains low compared to other areas in and around London. Nevertheless, and understandably, residents are worried about security and maintaining a safe environment for our community. Joining the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Scheme is one way to ensure significant support from the police. As a member of NHW, some residents have even received discounts on their home and car insurance. But NHW is not just about the local crime, it is so much more.  It links the residents of a neighbourhood and gives everyone a sense of being part of a wider community.  We can sometimes feel isolated and NHW brings streets together as we watch out for one another or just keep in touch with our neighbours.

NHW in Chigwell would like you to consider some aspects of security that may get overlooked –

  • Light switch timers – These are easy to install and cost effective. When you are out these can switch on lights at a chosen time and ensure your property is not left in the dark. There are various types of timers available, we suggest you consider a brand which has been approved by the fire service.
  • Please ensure you take your rubbish bins away from your side entrances as soon as possible after collection has been made, also put ladders and tools inside where they cannot be accessed for break-ins.
  • Being neighbourly – if you hear an alarm activated on your road, please don’t ignore it. Many burglaries have been prevented and thieves caught by the simple act of being a thoughtful neighbour. Always be safe and don’t attempt to access the property without police assistance. Remember to always take your mobile with you, you may need to call the police if you witness a crime in progress.